Month of Prayer
and fasting

In the month of June every year, Christians are hemmed in all sides - schools, corporations, governments, even churches - with celebrations of the inversion of God's created order.We are grieved by the dismal state of the natural family in our society.But what should we do?

Statement on National Month of Prayer and Fasting

Faith in Jesus Christ and our national heritage as a Christian people move us, the undersigned, to formally declare this month of June in the Year of our Lord 2023 as the inaugural national month of humility, repentance, prayer, and fasting.As in times past, occasion, prudence, and commitment to enduring principles require a nation to publicly repent and beseech the Almighty to intervene on behalf of our once-faithful nation. In accord with our heritage and tradition, as exemplified by the proclamations of Presidents Washington, Adams, and Lincoln, it is time again for Americans of all Christian denominations to humble themselves through prayer and fasting in search of mercy and forgiveness, and to petition our Lord for a restoration of public spirit and deference to righteous order.The time has drawn well past nigh to formally reckon with powers – both temporal and spiritual – that seek to vanquish Christian morality and social norms. Lamentably, we find ourselves in a state that is increasingly and militantly hostile to Christian piety and deference to God. This clarion call to humble and united supplication stands in bold relief to brazen pride in the destruction of our moral and legal order. This exhortation resounds to unite those who claim the name of Christ in a firm resolve and adamant purpose to pray, fast, and implore God to grant mercy, grace, and favor to these United States and the people that so comprise them.Moreso, with a clear and staid spirit, we seek the restoration of a positive vision of righteous order; one with fidelity to the created end of the human person and human family. A vision that, in keeping with our imbued design and purpose, will lead to personal and national flourishing rightly understood. Therefore, we implore the Christian faithful to pray continually for the following mores and graces to gain ascendance and be rightfully restored to their proper hegemony:

That marriage is understood as the divine union of one man and one woman before God.That sex is received from God, not made or assigned by man, and is evidenced by the observable, natural order.That marriage is purposed to reflect the mystical union of Christ and his Church, so ordered as to provide for the rightful and dutiful bearing and rearing of children.That such children have enjoined to their being the right to be raised by both a mother and father living in holy matrimony.That the unified family – husband, wife and children – be revered and honored in this nation’s customs and laws.That “pride” - especially pride in the inversion of our created ends - be rejected as the sin that it is.That the American people would once again pursue and publicly uphold Christian virtue in accord with our rich cultural history and tradition.

By signing this document, we intend to convey our commitment to daily prayer throughout the month of June as well as a daily fast on each Saturday of the month therein. This united civic prayer, humiliation, and worship is purposed to move the heart of God to be favorably inclined to hear and grant our humble requests.For His glory, honor, and kingdom; – may the name of the Lord be made great among the nations and these United States of America.Signed:Note: Institutional affiliations are provided solely for identification purposes.Statement Author Michael Keck, Five Talents Financial GroupDavid Innes, Professor, The King’s CollegeGeorge Grant, Pastor of Parish Presbyterian ChurchRusty Reno, Editor of First ThingsScott Yenor, Fellow at the Claremont InstituteNate Fischer, Founder and CEO of New FoundingWilliam Wolfe, Senior Official, Trump AdministrationJared Longshore, Theology Fellow at New Saint Andrews CollegeJosh Abbotoy, Executive Director of American ReformerClifford Humphrey, Director of Religious Coalitions for the Edmund Burke FoundationTimon Cline, Associate Editor of American ReformerPeter Leithart, Theopolis Institute, Birmingham, AlabamaMark Tooley, President of Institute on Religion and DemocracyC.R. Wiley, Pastor of Westminster ChurchNick Solheim, co-founder and COO of American MomentRod D. Martin, Founder & CEO, Martin Capital, Co-Founder, Conservative Baptist NetworkJoseph Rigney, Fellow of Theology at New Saint Andrews CollegeTrey ArbuckleChris Bolt, Pastor, Elkton Baptist ChurchJackson Waters, Divinity Student at Reformed Theological SeminaryBen Merkle, President, New Saint Andrew’s CollegeJoel Berry, Babylon BeeDaniel Strand, Professor, Air War CollegeJay Richards, Heritage FoundationStephen WolfeDavid Talcott, Professor, The King’s CollegeSam Webb, Elder, University Park Baptist ChurchBen Crenshaw, PhD Candidate, Hillsdale CollegeMichael Clary, Christ the King Church, Cincinnati, OHDoug Wilson, Senior Minister of Christ ChurchMike Sabo, Assistant Editor, the American MindMegan BashamDusty Deevers, Pastor, Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Elgin, OKJosh Daws, Great Awokening PodcastDavid Carlson, American VirtueDanny LayaouWill Grapperhaus, GracePointe Baptist ChurchRev. Jacob Dell, St. Peter's LithgowEthan ArbuckleNatalie ArbuckleJameson Winter, Dean of the Upper School at Augustine SchoolJessie OwensShane Anderson, Re:Generations Family & Metabolic HealthcareAndrew Isker, Pastor, 4th Street Evangelical ChurchTyler CoxJeff Wright, Servants & HeraldsPaul AriasStephen John Noska, TrafCo IndustriesNehemiah GuinnGreg Alfaro, Senior Engineer, GitLabJosh GarlandPatrick CummingsJosh BishopRussell Richardson, Hillsdale CollegeCaleb SimpsonRev. Brad Denton, Lakewood Presbyterian ChurchNathan Pinkoski, Senior Fellow, Edmund Burke FoundationDennis Menard, Abundant Life ChurchTravis Cardwell, Pastor, University Park Baptist ChurchGina CrossSamuel SadlerStephen ListromCharles Haywood, The Worthy HouseJeffrey TrimbathJeffrey Racioppi, Roman Catholic ChurchJames Hunter, Managing Partner - Alps Precious Metals GroupJosh Drost, U.S. Army, FloridaNicholas Higgins, North Greenville UniversityBenjamin CalischAndrew Bacon, The Bacon PartnersBrian Brown, Trinity Church DenverRobert Barber, Wexford Christian FellowshipMichael "Edan" Cummings, EngineerKevin KookogeyCaleb PalenskyJimmy Mays, TheoWars PodcastPaul KillianTanya KjeldsbergValerie DeanBen MannElijah GrajkowskiKelly McLaughlinPhillip RineWesley HoyleBrandon Durham, Homeport ChurchJoe BancksPeter RasmussenMark ThompsonTodd Leonard, Micah 6.8 MinistriesJonathan McPikeAlicia AllenKrysten ArbuckleDavid BassettC.Y. HillDavid Milroy, New Albany Presbyterian ChurchSteven LandeRyan NorrisMatthew MargrafReed DePaceBob SandsBob Wilson, Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian ChurchSteve Keck, Five Talents Financial GroupDavid Ayers, Professor of Sociology, Grove City CollegeBrooke KeckLuke Hendrix, Director of Church Development Church Venture NorthwestCorey DunnBen Helmink, WD ConstructionJames Thompson